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We always hear about winners cashing in large lottery wins, but where are they now and what did they do with the money? Let's find out...

Receiving a large amount of money carries more responsibility that one thinks. It's not just a matter of winning a few million bucks and seeing it reflect in your bank account. Different countries have different laws regarding winning the lottery, including taxes. In some places, you'll receive the lump sum and then have to pay a big chunk of it to the taxman. In other countries, you receive a smaller annual amount.

Regardless of how those people in the video below received the cash, it seems they may have been better without it. It's astonishing how many desperate friends and family members crawl out of the woodwork when you suddenly become rich. Some will go as far as to plot against you, including murder.

There are also predators out there, who would go so far as to kidnap the kid of the lucky winner and demand vast sums of money for the safe return of their beloved child.

Other winners splurge on fancy cars, mansions and clothes, dropping tremendous amounts of money on material things. And, before long, they've spent every cent. Others become alcoholics and drug addicts or spend all they've won on gambling, without investing the cash in anything good.

Check out these 10 lottery winners who lost it all in the video below.

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