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The Tiger King documentary on Netflix has been a hit, with its crazy cast of characters showing us how normal most of us are. But, this isn't the first time these animals have been to Hollywood, here's a list of 15-times some of these animals appeared in movies before the Tiger King.

The protagonist in the Netflix documentary, The Tiger King, is a guy who goes by the name, Joe Exotic. And exotic, he is, with a penchant for wild animals, guns and husband who enjoy meth. It's a recipe for good viewing, and the show has tongues wagging, but it's a less flamboyant character who we're looking at today.

His name is Doctor Bhagavan Antle – or Doc Antle for short, and he's had many of his furry creatures appear in films for years. From tigers and lions to leopards, elephants and a variety of smaller critters too, he's a showbiz veteran.

In this list of 15-times these animals have appeared in movies, we'll revisit classics from the 90s to today, like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, not to mention TV appearances with Jay Leno and others, and even a live stage performance with Brittany Spears.

So, hit play and get stuck into the video below, it might just inspire you to donate money to animal conservation. Oh yes, and to stay off meth.

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