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Have you ever seen a pink cricket? Did you even knew that it was possible? For many of us that would be a ‘no’. Well, believe it, as insect hunter Deri Saputa got to witness this magnificent animal. 

Saputa shared footage an absolutely beautiful bright pink katydid, or known as bush crickets, which calmly came to sit on his finger.

Katydids are medium-sized to large insects and usually have a green colour with the occasional brown markings. They have a thick body, usually taller than it is wide, and long thing legs. The hind legs are longer than the front or middle legs, and are often used for jumping.The adults of some katydid species can fly, and all katydids are camouflaged with their green colour to blend with the leaves they feed on.

These crickets also generate their own unique sound which is made by rubbing together special structures found in their front wings. They hear these sounds with flat patches on their legs that act as ears.

Saputa explained, “What you see on the video is katydid which is very rare and very pink. Pink katydid is so rare that it occurs once in every 500 individuals. This is an excellent opportunity to find unicorns in the wild. Of course, this pink isn’t too common for the animal kingdom, This is the result of a condition called erythrism, similar to the recessive gene that afflicts albino animals.”

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