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The Dress-A-Cow contest has been an annual tradition at the Canfield County Fair in rural Ohio since 1983. “Dress A Cow” is a short film by Dawn Luebbe about the traditional cow dressing. 

“This documentary spotlights a 38 year tradition, the “Dress A Cow” event at Ohio’s Canfield County Fair. A meditation on bovine beauty, it reminds us that putting pants on a cow is not like putting pants on a person.”

Fair director Lori Coler explained the challenges of putting a costume on a cow. Which we can definitely imagine. 

“We’ve got a lot of people who sew amazing costumes for cows the cow it’s not like pulling pants on on a regular person they’re a large animal they have a mind of their own there are days that you can’t control them. …personally, I can honestly say that some are feisty some are very calm and laid back.”

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