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We’re all about life hacks because it saves us time, and the gadgets that you usually get to use are awesome.

Insider recently compiled a list of 31 products that will make your life easier and, to be honest, we’d love to get all 31 of them right now.

The Drumi is a foot-powered washing machine. At first, we thought it was a complete waste of money because why would anyone use The Drumi when they could use a washing machine? And then we got the app notification that loadshedding in Sunny South Africa is back again.

Then, we figured that you could braai with friends or even read a book while doing washing. If you really wanted to. We’re not judging…

When we get to travel again, we’re definitely buying Shelfpack luggage. Simply unzip your suitcase, open it up and lift the shelves built inside of the suitcase. Now that’s our kind of suitcase.

If you’ve ever had to cut a bagel, you’ll understand exactly why you want The Hometown Bagel Knife. It makes cutting bagels, buns and hot cross buns so much easier, and that means you can eat more of them. Makes perfect sense to us.

Watch the Insider video below for more on these 31 awesome products that will make your life easier.

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