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Black cats always had a bad rap due to their mysterious colour, and folklore stories. However there is one dark furry feline in Daejeon, South Korea, who’s proving everyone wrong.  

The little 4-year old Scottish fold cat named MeonJi (meaning ‘dust’ in Korean) is winning the heart of the internet. His fur is so black, that he has mastered the art of disguise and is able to blend into any dark surrounding making him completely invisible. However there is one unique and super adorable feature to little MeonJi that helps his owner to spot him. When hidden in the dark all that is owner can see is his adorable huge, bright eyes, seemingly floating in midair.

MeonJi’s mom, Kim Aerin, describes him as “the blackest but brightest cat.” From hiding in his cat bed to appearing virtually invisible in the shadows, MeonJi might appear unassuming, but his kooky personality shines through every day. “I’m not going to lie, I really wasn't interested in black cats originally but as soon as I saw my cat, I completely fell in love with black cats. If you’d ask me now, I’d tell you they're the best!”

It come at no surprise that this adorable little fur ball has over 163,000 Instagram followers. This little fellow has definitely proven that black cats are not that scary. He has proven it times and times again with his adorable photos of his hilarious antics, from munching on salad leaves to hiding in the washing machine. “Now that I think about it, I’d say it's different every day. MeonJi can be a totally cute cat one day, and the next day he is either very sensitive or completely opposite—full-on feisty.”

With his funny personality and his huge eyes and tiny fangs, the adorably goofy cat has even been compared to the Night Fury dragon from the How To Train Your Dragon, Toothless. Just like the beloved cartoon dragon, MeonJi has adorable big eyes which the pupils dilate when he’s happy.

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