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Cats are assholes. There is no denying that. A couple years ago "dog shaming" took the internet by storm, labeling the naughty things that dogs do. It was pretty cute but the trend has now extended to cats and it's just downright evil... and funny.

They always manage to embarrass their owners and they don't even feel guilty. This seemingly innocent siamese cat managed to steal all of the surrounding neighbours' socks and underpants. The owner had to go so far as to put up posters explaining the missing socks and underpants with a picture catalog.

Cats literally have no emotion, proven by this cat who was caught by her owner destroying their curtains, gave the "I've been caught" wide-eyed look and simply carried on with the rampage.

However, this asshole type behavior has been going on for centuries. Even this book from the 15th century has paw prints in it because, well, why should you be able to have nice things?

Occasionally, dogs learn from cats. When they see something they want, looks comfortable or smells good, it's theirs. This dog near drowns his owner to get onto the pool lilo. The pleased look on the dogs face afterward is just priceless and says "if it fits, I sits".

Cats will do anything for a bit of warm sun, even if it involves kicking the bearded dragon out of his spot because... well... If it's warm and it fits, I sits.

Sometimes, cats can be sweet in their own messed up way. Sometimes its a little mouse present on your bed with a look of confusion when the human starts shrieking. This cat likes to hand over its hairballs out of consideration. How um... sweet.

One evil little cat left this parrot crying "help me". His owner came to see what was going on, thinking his foot was tangled in his toys again but, instead, walked in on the cat hanging off the cage.

Another owner couldn't understand why, even though the fan was on, the house felt like it was a million degrees until he caught the culprit that refused to leave the fan plugged in. Family means nothing to cats, they will literally watch you suffer in the heat.

So, in honour of our feline friends and their nasty behaviour, check out the video below for some super cat-shaming moments ever.

Are your cats assholes? Put your cat shaming pictures in the comment section below!


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