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Catnip is to cats as alcohol is to people. It makes them strange, uncoordinated and stupid. Cats are the pets that cannot be owned and even if you think you own your cat, you are its slave.

However, catnip can make any cat love you... conditionally of course.

Your cat could be the ultimate stoner and just lie there, staring into the abyss or they could start acting out scenes from the exorcist making sounds you're pretty sure a cat couldn't make. Most of them just end up sleeping in some pretty interesting poses spread out starfish style or even legs–over–head–ass–in–face style. Either way, cat owner love filming their fluff balls doing funny things and cat lovers love watching it even more.

What is making them do these weird things you ask? Catnip is actually just a plant called Nepeta Cataria that is closely related to mint. It either makes cats very docile or it gives them a major energy boost but only 70% of cats are affected by the plants and degrees of sensitivity vary. The effects of the plant are caused by a compound called nepetalactone can last anywhere between 10 minutes and an hour once the cat smells it.

The jury is still out on the reasons that cats go crazy for catnip so for now, we will just sit back and enjoy the show.

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