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The YouTube trend these days is the purchase of these so-called 'mystery boxes' off the dark web.

What is the Dark Web you ask? “The dark web is a collection of internet sites that run on darknets, or overlay networks designed to encrypt and anonymize data. If we think of internet infrastructure – the physical cables that transmit digital information – as a series of lanes on a highway, then darknets are service roads that run parallel to the main thoroughfare but can only be accessed with certain vehicles.”

YouTubers have racked up millions of views buying unidentified items from the shady, unregulated corners of the internet – sometimes shelling out hundreds of pounds to get their hands on them. Drugs are often hidden in resealed candy wrappers, weapons from possible crimes are broken down and sent part by part as a way to get rid of evidence or just exploiting a loophole in the postal law.

On the digital black market, transportation is the name of the game, black market activity is hazardous, and the introduction of digital anonymity into the equation makes the circumstance all the riskier.

This specific YouTuber bought his mystery box off the dark web and is shocked by the contents, he has since revealed he handed it over to the authorities. He encourages people to buy their mystery boxes off eBay instead.

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