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When your dog is craving the outdoors, you take it for a walk, right? But when it comes to cats – it usually isn't that simple. 

So, someone has come up with a solution... or have they?

If you're a crazy cat person, there is no doubt that you've heard about the new Bubble Backpack made to carry around your cats in a backpack, with a little bubble window for them to comfortably see the outdoors and follow you wherever you go. 

Basically, it's a backpack that kind of turns your cat into an astronaut or, as termed in this video, a catstronaut!

Us humans may think it's pretty cool – we get to keep our cats close to us and they get to enjoy the view!

But, what do the cats actually think?

Well, the girl in the video has 4 cats (classifying her as a crazy cat lady basically, but she admits it too). So she decides to give them each a try, and see what her cats actually think.

The results are pretty mixed... Watch the video and decide whether you should get your kitty this cool new accessory! 

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