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Princetopher, an adorable yet tenacious lovebird, is so infatuated with the kitchen cabinet that, when Tamia, her human, forbids her from entering because of all the shattered glassware, the bird makes her demands known by causing havoc throughout the rest of the house.

"The moment we open the cabinet she flies in and refuses to get out she’s obsessed with the cabinet and particularly her coffee pot," Tamai said in clarification. "She’ll fight beak and claw to stay inside. …So we decided to keep the cabinet closed if we wanted any of our glassware to survive immediately escalated tensions in the house."

Prince discovered additional hiding spots, such as the filthy trash can. "Prince then naturally started looking for a new place to call home, and we had no idea what she ultimately settled on."

Tamia reached a compromise with her cherished lovebird instead of arguing. A small, spotless trash can on her closet shelf.

"Look, there's really no bird quite like Prince in the end. Even the sassiest parts of her personality are something I adore. We decided Prince deserved her own place in the cabinet because she hasn't just made this her home; she has also made us feel at home. We'll refer to it as a compromise."

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