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Most people probably don't think of newts as particularly cute pets, but after seeing this cute pair of cuddly salamanders, you might think differently. The cutest newt photo pose in a decade was taken by Twitter user Moi, who posted this adorable photo. This is because, in the ten years that the Japanese breeder has been raising the amphibian creatures, an opportunity like this one has never before come along.

Moi chose to post the picture on Twitter with the caption, "I've been raising newts for about 10 years and took the cutest photo of them, so I'd like everyone to see," because the pose was so ideal. And it appears that the picture is pretty darn cute, as evidenced by the over 120,000 likes it has received from online users. In the picture, two newts can be seen giving each other a bear hug from behind while appearing to be beaming from ear to ear. It appears as though the person at the bottom is giving his friend a piggyback ride, which adds to the cuteness of the scene.

A commenter even likened the cute picture to a famous scene from Titanic. Some others thought that the amiable duo most resembled the inseparable amphibian friends Frog and Toad from the beloved children's book series. However, one can only imagine how much cuter these two newts are when no one is around to witness how adorable they are when they smile for the camera. 

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