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We frequently find ourselves clinging to happiness daily. In the best way possible, these instances encourage a positive attitude that spreads. However, have you ever given your definition of happiness any thought? Since happiness can be defined in a variety of ways, the World Happiness Report has been identifying the happiest countries in the world based on several factors each year since 2012.

The Oxford Wellbeing Research Centre, the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Gallup, and the WHR Editorial Board collaborated to produce this report, which was just released for 2024. The findings are intriguing.

Finland has managed to reclaim the top spot when six key factors are taken into account: GDP (income), life expectancy, generosity, social support, freedom, and corruption. The country has outperformed all 140 countries taken into consideration in this report for the seventh year running. Sweden is in fourth place, Denmark is in second, and Iceland is in third. An appreciation of nature is highly valued in each of these Nordic nations. The secret to happier living is to spend more time in natural settings and experience less stress from work. Some were surprised to see Israel in the top five, considering the country's recent history of conflict and civil unrest.

"Even this year, which was one of the most difficult in the country's history, Israel ranked in the top five of the International Happiness Index," a Bar-Ilan University researcher named Anat Fanti wrote in The Jerusalem Post. Fanti emphasises the value of happiness and the ways that traumatic experiences can affect this rating.

The Netherlands and Norway are ranked six and seven, respectively. The Scandinavian country of Norway's access to healthcare and the Dutch practice of doing nothing at all, known as niksen, both have a significant impact on happiness. A reasonable education and a sound sense of work-life balance have a significant positive influence on the quality of daily life, according to psychologist Ragnhild Bang Nes. Next on the list are Switzerland and Luxembourg. These nations value spending quality time in nature above all else, even financial stability. Australia completes the list of the top 10 nations. The rating is influenced by the calm beaches, diversity of wildlife, and strong sunshine. 

Australia, a country of almost 26 million people, is in a great position to keep raising the standard of living for its citizens.

Unexpectedly, the US fell eight spots to the 23rd position from the year before. The United States has never been ranked outside of the top 20 before. It is said that a major contributing factor to this decline is the discontent among young people in America. According to an intriguing observation, young adults reported lower levels of happiness than older generations, which is consistent with this finding. The entire report delves further into the data according to various criteria. The World Happiness Report features a new chapter this year on India, the country with the largest population in the world.

Despite the differences between all countries, one thing is certain: people everywhere value happiness. That warm sensation in your heart when you are happy is universal, regardless of geography or language.

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