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In recent years, Barbie dolls featuring the likenesses of female trailblazers have been produced by Mattel as a tribute to them. In honour of Barbie's 65th anniversary, they have chosen to highlight eight remarkable women from across the globe. These international storytellers are successful in a variety of industries, but they all share the trait of having bravely battled for their dreams and motivating audiences and future generations to do the same.

The eight icons discuss the more than 250 occupations Barbie has held over her six-decade career, all of which are influenced by their mission to share countless stories of empowerment. American actress Viola Davis, winner of the EGOT, Canadian singer Shania Twain, British actress Dame Helen Mirren, Australian singer Kylie Minogue, Indigenous Brazilian vlogger Maira Gomez, Mexican film director Lila Avilés, Japanese model Nicole Fujita, and German comedian Enissa Amani are among the women chosen for this celebration.

"The spirit of Barbie encouraged me as a young child to build my own fantasy world and express myself through role-playing and storytelling," Shania Twain said. "I'm proud to be a storyteller and role model for Barbie during their 65th anniversary year, and I applaud the company for encouraging girls to write their own stories. I wish to encourage other young girls to pursue their goals and realise their boundless potential.

Viola Davis, meanwhile, declared that she was hoping this Barbie would make her 6-year-old self giggle. In a statement posted to Instagram, the actress said, "It's my biggest gift to her." "To make her feel beautiful, seen, and worthy is my lifelong mission and legacy." Her Barbie ensemble pays homage to her Golden Globes 2018 ensemble, in which she commanded attention on the red carpet with an afro of her own, paired with a classic black gown and pearl necklace.

Helen Mirren's doll also honours a dramatic red carpet appearance. The actress, who voiced the narrator in the Barbie film, wowed the crowd at the Cannes Film Festival in spring 2023 by turning heads with a head-to-toe monochrome ensemble that included a vivid blue hairstyle.

Barbie and the awardees are aware that performance and the arts are not just about glitz and glamour. Thus, the doll created by Lila Áviles shows her holding a camera and being prepared to share a moving tale from behind the lens. She discussed her experience of being transformed into a Barbie with the Spanish newspaper El País, saying, "I got the invitation and it was crazy." Imagine that an astronaut received it last year! I have to admit, I felt moved. 

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