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Adorable Darby who is Abbey Karnes’s diabetic alert dog, definitely knows how to do her work. When Karnes’s blood sugar was low, she asked Darby to go and get her a juice. That is exactly what this little pup did and was very pleased to help her mom out, in fact she was so pleased with herself that she decided to do it a few times.  

After already bringing her mom a juice, Darby decided to run to the kitchen to get her another one. 

Karnes still praised her and told her what a good job she does even though Karnes didn’t need two juices. After a brief pause, Darby headed back to the kitchen to grab yet another one.

It’s not clear if Darby was just super worried about her mom’s low blood sugar or if she had another motivation for retrieving all the juices. “She wanted to see if she could get more treats by giving me more juices,” Karnes commented on the video. 

Despite maybe also having other motives, Darby did seem genuinely worried about her mom and decided to bring her several juices as that was the only way she knew how to fix it. After finally receiving five juices, Karnes reassured Darby that she didn’t need anymore. Darby believed her mom and stopped grabbing more juices, but she stayed right next to her side just in case she needs to grab more. 

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