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Getting money for not much sounds like a fairy tale to many and some women have made it their life to date rich men for money and not lift a finger when it comes to working – let's take a look at the most unusual sugar babies ever.

Kayla Morris

When Kayla Morris was only 17-years-old, her mother allowed her to drop out of school and become a full-time stripper. From there she met a 50-year-old man who later became her sugar daddy, he gave Kayla enough money to fund her and her mothers $60 000 plastic surgery addiction in their quest to look like Katie Price.

Kayla's mother is very proud of her daughter and is happy that the pair can bond over their plastic surgery, which Kayla still funds by stripping and having various sugar daddies. Though they have had numerous operations, they still have more procedures that they would like to go under the knife for, including Kayla's mother getting a designer vagina.

Nuts? Possibly, but hey, each to their own, right? See the video below for more unusual sugar babies.

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