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 Croatian architect Nikola Bajc creates sweet music in collaboration with the Adriatic. In 2005, he designed a 230-foot-long Morse organ (or sea organ) that uses the rhythm of  waves to play melodies. At first glance, the piece looks like an ordinary  white stone staircase, but it is actually covered with various holes. These holes lead to chambers inside the instrument that connect to the 35 organ pipes. 

As the waves rise and fall, air is forced through internal channels under the steps and exited through the top whistling vents, creating a great sound. This creates a harmonious union between man and nature.

The Sea Organ is located in Zadar, Croatia, which was  destroyed during World War II. During the reconstruction period, the city was filled with simple concrete structures that did little to enhance the beauty of the area. Thanks to Baek's musical composition, artistic joy returns to the city of 3000 years.

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