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Although it is very natural and obvious, there are still many mysteries surrounding death. It can also be an uncomfortable and scary topic for many people to discuss or think about. But one of them is willing to talk about death and the experience. In a video posted on Reddit, a man who was left for dead and brought back to life is interviewed and explains what it feels like to die. This clip, uploaded by user u/Sufficient-Bug-9112,  begins as a random street interview before taking this monumental turn. The interviewer found a man with broken glasses and a completely missing temple bar. "How did this happen?" the content creator asks, probably expecting an interesting story. The man went on to explain that he had suffered a seizure. "That's the result of me dying last year," he said plainly. "I died."

The man then explained that he had developed a blood clot in his brain that had grown so large that it split his skull. "Then I was in a coma for two weeks. I was pronounced dead. In the ambulance my vital functions worked again," he explains. The young man then underwent a six-hour craniectomy, which had a 42% mortality rate. "The doctor calls me a coin tosser because I have never flipped a coin in my life and won even though the coin was bad."

The interviewer goes on to ask him what it was like to die. "It's peaceful," the man answered. When asked what he saw, he says he saw nothing. "Now that I've experienced it,  I can say what people say: Life flashes before your eyes. Every  memory you've ever made in your  life flashes by at the speed of light." I will pass in front of you. Whatever pain you feel, you no longer feel it. And then you don't even understand what's going on and you either come back or you don't," he said, emphasizing how peaceful it was. 

This is not to say that death is such a difficult subject, but there is a calmness to this man's words that confirms his belief that death is a painless experience. Rather, his story is a reminder that we can never truly know the stories of the people we meet on the streets. Therefore, it is always a good idea to be friendly to everyone.

Watch the video here on Reddit

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