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A lonely lion named Ruben, who was marooned in a cage at a private zoo in Armenia that was about to close, was rescued by the wonderful people at Animal Defenders International. After being rescued, Ruben was taken to an animal shelter in South Africa, where he was given freedom. Now I can go out. And for the first time in my 15 years of life, I walked on grass. After the zoo closed, Ruben was left alone.

“He was born in a closed private zoo in Armenia. All the other animals were taken, but Reuben remained. There was simply no room for him, so he was born in this zoo. was said to have been lonely for over five years. Just concrete and beams. People were putting food in the bar, but he didn't have anything else. 

To make matters worse, Ruben had no one to talk to, so he stopped roaring.

The reserve explains: A lion's roar can be heard for about 6 miles. When he roared, no one answered back, so he just stopped roaring, which is one of the saddest things. ”Animals Defenders International worked with Qatar Airways Cargo to transport Ruben in the safest way possible. "We were very lucky when Qatar Airways Cargo Company offered him a flight.

"Our biggest concern in Armenia was the heat. We built a box in Armenia and got as much sun as possible. I painted it white to reflect it. I sprayed the inside of the box with lavender and Feliway, hormones that make cats feel relaxed and happy. …He was really well-traveled, something like that. It was like he knew something good was happening.'' The best moment came when Ruben realised he was free.

“The magic moment was when he came out of the box and touched the grass for the first time. You could see him almost thinking ‘what is this’? He looked up into the sky. It will have been the first time he saw the sun over his head. He could move around. He saw birds for the first time flying over his head. He sat down, the wind blowing through his mane, his head in the wind, and he just enjoyed the breeze. ”

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