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Work is nearly complete on a series of 3D-printed homes that push the limits of design and manufacturing. The project, called TECLA, features a futuristic dome-shaped house near Bologna, Italy. Unusual shapes and unique layered interiors make his TECLA interesting in themselves, but it's not its style that makes this project special. TECLA was designed by Mario Cucinella Architects and planned to be manufactured in WASP.

It features a 3D printer that mechanically deposits layers on top of layers of clay made from natural and local materials. This means there is no waste in the building as all building materials used in the structure can be easily recycled.

When completed, it will be the first home built using these materials through this manufacturing process, and the first to create the same structure with multiple 3D printers. This design, and the innovative construction process that made it possible, represent a serious response to some of the issues facing architects around the world. How do we address population growth and the lack of affordable housing?

How can we meet these demands while reinventing the way we build to reduce our environmental impact? Mario Cucinella explains: “The completion of the structure is an important milestone and shows that  TECLA is no longer just a theoretical idea, thanks to the design and technology used. This could be a realistic and achievable answer to current and future living needs.” According to Cucinella and the design team, the success of building TECLA to date has made this model unique.

This means that it may also be suitable for environments like WASP has developed a “Maker Economy Starter Kit” to help others replicate this sustainable design. Perhaps even on larger scales, such as entire cities with zero-waste structures. Construction of TECLA is expected to be completed in spring 2021. For more information about the design process, please visit his website at Mario Cucinella Architects. Learn more about  TECLA and its WASP crane manufacturing.

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