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Paper artists continue to surprise and entertain their audience by finding new ways to transform two-dimensional mediums into fascinating works of art. Danish artist and architect Peter Kallesen uses plain white A4 paper to build miniature buildings and structures that look like replicas of the originals.

"By stripping away all information, starting from scratch, and using plain white A4 paper for my work, I feel like I've found a material everyone can relate to. At the same time,  A4 paper  is neutral." The white paper and small size of the paper give the paper sculptures a fragility and emphasise the tragic and romantic themes of my work,” Kallesen explains to My Modern Met. 

His work spans a variety of styles, from fairytale castles to towering towers to ancient Greek ruins. In each case, Kalesen constructs buildings by cutting, scratching, and folding paper. But even after completion, he leaves the finished building on its original paper to emphasise the magical changes that took place to create it. “Paper cut sculptures explore the potential and magical transformation of flat sheets of paper into shapes that expand into the space around them,” Kallesen continues. “Even though the characters still cling to their origins and have no way of escaping, the negative, missing two-dimensional space that the cuts leave behind stands in stark contrast to the three-dimensional reality they create. In that sense, there is also an aspect of something tragic in many of the cuts.”

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