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Japanese artist, Tanaka Tatsuya, has found his love for creating small scenes with scaled-down figures. He uses tiny figurines and everyday objects for his ongoing series titled Miniature Calendar

Early in 2021, some of his work was inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic and safety items. However, the artist has recently found some new inspiration and has created a whole new theme of miniature characters.

In celebration of May 4th, known to all Sci-Fi fans as Star Wars Day, Tatsuya shared miniature scenes featuring little stormtroopers and even included a tiny Luke Skywalker and itty-bitty Starfighters.

Every day for almost a decade now, Tanaka has been crafting miniature scenes and still never seems to run out of ideas. 

He recreates incredible Star Wars scenes using just his tremendous imagination and mundane items in his house.

Improvising with household items, Tanaka turned an eggshell into Luke Skywalker's igloo-shaped home on the planet Tatooine. And, to create another spacecraft for the Rebel Alliance battles against the Galactic Empire, he made use of a camera case that looks like a spacecraft.

However, this artist is not only limited to Star Wars or Covid-themed scenes. He has crafted miniature worlds inspired by everyday life. 

His imagination only emphasises his creativity, creating a scene where he turns a cheese grater into a rock-climbing wall and a cup of green tea into a tiny lake.

Clearly, this talented artist can turn any object into a whimsical narrative.

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