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Sleep deprivation is a major cause of our stupid moments. There will be times when we are so tired, we literally feel like there is lag in our brains and it is still trying to load a bit of intelligence. Whether it's forgetting that you have to get into the driver's seat of a car to actually... DRIVE or asking the dumbest question, making everyone give you that funny look when they turn their heads a little to the side, eyebrows furrowed (also known as the WTF look). These people had the ultimate lapse in intelligence but we aren't even sure being tired is an excuse for this.

It's like when you forget the word for something simple, like a door, so you end up just pointing at it or saying "the thing" and hope that people will understand what you are trying to say. Well, these people went one step further and took the liberty of making their own words. If you think calling milk "cereal water" is bad, you should see the rest of these!

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