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Moms tend to go a bit crazy when people come over. Suddenly the whole house becomes unacceptable and any signs of people actually living in the house needs to go. I'm talking clean laundry, unrolled toilet paper and god help you if there is a crinkle on your duvet cover. The sweet supportive woman you once knew as your mother turns into some kind of military sergeant, barking orders at you that you don't even understand! Screaming is mandatory and if anything goes wrong, a full meltdown is expected!

Their vision suddenly becomes microscopic and they are able to see every speck of dust that ever existed in the house and, the closer arrival time gets, the crazier the mother gets. But of course, when the guests arrive, you must smile sweetly and act as if you haven't just been put through military-style training.

And then she will still say: "excuse the mess". We've just gotta love them!

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