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To think there’s more than one generation that’s never heard of Blink 182. While it was considered the music to live by for one generation, their kids are now getting to hear what the sound of the 90s and early 2000s were like.

Band mates, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker, got together to react to teens reacting to their music videos.

They soon realised that, while they’re not well known among today’s teenagers, their parents are pretty big fans. Well, they were the fans back when the band was a massive hit, so it makes sense.

The funny thing is that the teenagers don’t realise that they’re making fun of boy bands like the Backstreet Boys that used to be all dressed in white, they think it was the fashion at the time. Mark soon admits that, at the time when they recorded the video, he didn’t get it either and simply thought it was the dumbest video they’ve ever made… it turned out to be their biggest video.

Ever wondered how they filmed the video for What’s my age again, where it seems as if they’re running around naked? By wearing skin-coloured Speedos.

Other comments included “they’ve definitely got a Panic! At The Disco kind of vibe” and “this just makes me want to go back to school and hate every class again”.

Our favourite comment? “I think these guys defined an era”.

Want to see what happens when Blink 182 reacts to teenagers reacting to their videos? Watch the React video below.

Image credit: Music Feeds

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