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Orchestral musicians are extremely talented performers. We can overcome many obstacles such as power outages to deliver beautiful music. A video showing a Brazilian symphony orchestra being plunged into darkness during a concert due to a power outage has gone viral. Although there was no conductor or music in sight, the orchestra continued to perform flawlessly, much to the delight of the audience. Back in August, the Piracicaba Symphony Orchestra performed a concert to celebrate the 256th anniversary of the founding of the city of Piracicaba in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. As the orchestra was playing "Farandole" from Bizet's Suite Arlesienne, a sudden hailstorm caused a power outage to the entire city. 

The orchestra continued the music without missing a beat, playing by memory and ear as we waited for the lights to come back on. For a moment,  light appears to have returned, but as the climax of the play approaches, the theatre plunges into darkness once again. "The musicians and conductor were on stage in perfect harmony until the emergency generator was activated," the orchestra said in a statement. At the end of the song, the lights finally came back on, prompting applause from the confused concertgoers. Who said a symphony orchestra can't play in the dark?

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