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Maggie Kuznia is a 7-year-old little bookworm who absolutely loves books. However, one thing she loves even more than reading books is sharing the stories she reads. Once or twice a week, the girl packs a few books in her backpack and goes to Grand, Minnesota, where she lives in Forks. I'm preparing to visit. By offering to read aloud to the elderly people living there, she has not only gained her confidence in reading aloud but also made new friends who are looking forward to the little storyteller's arrival. I was able to do a lot. This sweet endeavour started on a snowy day.

Maggie's mother, Tiffany Kuznia, works as an activities director at a nursing home, and she frequently brings her daughter to her workplace. As little Maggie was packing her bag, Kuznia reminded her to bring her Nintendo Switch. Maggie quickly replied that she had other plans that day. “I will bring books and read them to the residents,” she declared. Over time, Maggie has become so popular among the residents that she even has "regulars" who read her books every week. She often spends more than an hour visiting each facility. Her mother checks on her regularly to see if she is overstaying her stay. To Maggie's delight, the residents are more than happy to have her with them for an extended period of time. Reading usually leads to colouring and doing puzzles with her older friends, who consider Maggie their granddaughter.

Among the residents, Maggie befriends former elementary school teacher Patti Griggs. "She's such a good reader. I taught first grade and taught kids to read. Very few kids could come to school and read like that," the former educator said. She wanted to further improve Maggie's reading comprehension, so she bought her books that she thought would challenge her. "To my surprise, Maggie read it without any problem." Now, inspired by their reading adventures, they are taking it a step further and starting to write a book together. 

 Maggie wants to encourage children her age to read to older people. In addition to improving her reading comprehension and having a loyal group of listeners, her older friends are always available to help her when she stumbles on her new words. Maggie seems to brighten residents' days. “I think the generational part is really good,” Griggs said. “Everyone wants to get attention  and feel special.”

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