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Most voices can be assigned to four main voice ranges: soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. Many singers strain their voices to hit particularly high or low notes, but some talented singers can hit amazing pitches that sound almost inhuman. Take Tim Storms, for example. He holds the Guinness World Records for 'lowest note produced by a man' and 'widest vocal range'. Storms' world record for the lowest note was first confirmed in January 2002, but he has since broken his own record.

The Tulsa, Oklahoma-born bassist was last seen singing "The Lonesome Road" (originally recorded by Gene Austin in 1927) at CityWalk Studios in Branson, Missouri,  on March 30, 2012. recorded. This video was created by Alpha Sound to demonstrate the quality of the Sony EX15LP headphones. Even without headphones, you can enjoy the super bass of Storms singing into the microphone. I managed to achieve a frequency of 0.189 Hz. This is eight octaves below the lowest note G on the piano. But Storm says he can sing even deeper. He claims that his lowest notes can only be heard by elephants.

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