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Modern Egypt is home to many ancient temples famous for their magnificent appearance and historical importance. A perfect example of this breathtaking opulence is the Temple of Hathor. Built in the 1st century BC around 2250 BC, the artwork throughout the building is surprisingly well preserved despite being thousands of years old.

As the main temple of the important Dendera Temple Complex, it is considered one of the best-preserved ruins in all of Egypt. Overlooking the Nile, the sanctuary's floor plan is in a classical Egyptian style and includes fine examples of Ptolemaic Egyptian art, including depictions of Cleopatra and her son fathering Julius Caesar. The temple itself was built to worship the ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor, who personified female love, healing, and motherhood. The imposing pillars are carved with the face of the goddess and are usually accompanied by the bull horns she wears. 

The entire temple is also stunning, but the ceiling remains the true masterpiece. Workers recently carefully removed centuries-old black soot that had accumulated when centuries-old Arab villages set up camps at the temple. Restoration gradually revealed a magnificent and vibrant painting. The ceilings of ancient temples were adorned with intricate astrological sky maps and zodiac signs, and today they offer highly detailed settings for study, or simply to visit and marvel at the beautiful landscapes where you will be overwhelmed by the antiquated luxury. 

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