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At graduation ceremonies,  parents are often seen proudly cheering and applauding their children, whether they have just graduated from elementary school or earned a master's degree. But have you ever experienced the opposite? A heartwarming viral video shows a young girl named Shivaee Nalawade loudly congratulating her father at her graduation ceremony. In that moment, she not only remembered a pivotal memory with him but also melted the hearts of everyone present. The clip shows Shivaee's father Aashish walking on stage to receive his master's degree from Teesside University in England.

As Shivaee, then 34, approached the podium, he shouted, "Congratulations, Dad!", bringing laughter and kindness from those in attendance. Touched by the gesture, his father replied, ``I love you,'' and blew him a kiss. She was excited to spend time with her father and responded loudly, "I love you, Dad!" Her father smiled as her name was announced and she joined the other graduates on stage. He seemed deeply moved. "My graduation couldn't have been more amazing without my little princess," he wrote on Instagram. “As her words echoed through the silent ceremony hall, my heart melted along with the hearts of everyone in attendance. Even more than the graduation award, I felt that becoming a father to my daughter was my greatest accomplishment and accomplishment. 

Shivaee was born in 2019, so she would have only been  3 years old in June 2022, when the video was shot. The fact that she was only a toddler makes the scene even more fascinating, and one her father will never forget. She added, "This was the sweetest moment of my  graduation ceremony and will live in my heart forever."

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