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Depending on the style, antique boots, sandals, and slippers were often made of leather with metal rivets or flax laces. Good footwear was essential to protect the soles of ancient people's feet at a time when a simple cut could be fatal. Warmth and protection from the elements were also important concerns. So if antique shoes are important to you, what about antique socks?

After all, the pair that survived means that people thousands of years ago enjoyed fun, fluffy boots just as much as modern people do. suggests. These red split-toe socks were made in Egypt between 250 and 420 AD and are now in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum. 

This sock was discovered in the 19th century. It has a split toe shape, which seems like a complicated design considering that it would be difficult to knit a regular sock. These socks look like knit and were created by nålbindning. In this process, three layers of wool are "stitched" together in the form of a "knit" in one operation. According to the museum, "The upper part of the leg has an overlapping slit in the centre front;  These ultra-functional socks slipped right into the sandals of the era for added comfort and protection. In appearance and use, they are very reminiscent of tabi, a traditional Japanese sock from the 15th century.

Tabi is also suitable for use with lace shoes. This design is famously reinterpreted in  Margiela's modern Tabi boots by the house. Ancient Egyptian socks are not only functional in design, but also quirky. A similarly ancient sock from Egypt, known as the 'Lost Sock' in the National Museums of Scotland's collection, is of the same style. However, the wool on this sock has orange, red, yellow, green and blue wool stripes. Another Egyptian sock in the British Museum is made of thick blocks of colour. Archaeologists aren't sure whether the socks had a practical or ceremonial purpose, but modern hobbyists can try recreating ancient socks with this how-to article. Perhaps the best way to experience the life of the ancient Egyptians is to wear socks and walk for a day.

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