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A small town in Alberta, Canada is home of a tiny playground, tiny airport and a small populations of 80 residents. Recently, the small town has become the home of a very interesting art piece. A massive monument to Cheeto dust has been creatively build and showcases.

From the roadside rises the set of three fingers clutching a very delicious Cheeto in all its orange glory. However, despite the hand holding the Cheeto, its most defying feature is the orange coloured fingers. The tips of the fingers are coated in a generous layer of Cheeto dust. We all know eating our favourite chips doesn’t result in clean fingers, and that is okey. Some might say that it is the most delicious part, and clearly Alberta agrees on that.

The amazing statue was dubbed Cheetle back in 2020, and was clearly placed at the most perfect spot. The statue was placed in Cheadle, and  if you think it is because the word sounds like Cheetle, you’re absolutely correct. “The Cheetos brand, rooted in mischievous fun, was on the lookout for the perfect home for its statue until it came across a hamlet in Alberta with a kindred name, Cheadle. (What could be more perfect?),” Frito-Lay, which owns Cheetos, explained in a press release.

Cheadle leaders seem to be enjoying this greatness thrust upon them. “Cheadle is proud to be home to the Cheetle Hand Statue,” Cheadle Community Club president James Gosteli said. “Where else could the Cheetos brand honour the iconic Cheetle, if not here[?]”

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