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Cat owner, Luke decided to start recording to catch what he though was his two cats causing a ruckus while playing and causing trouble in the kitchen. However while thinking he will finally catch them in action he came upon something very unexpected. 

Luke slowly made his way into the kitchen, not wanting to scare them off, and asked, “What’re you guys doing?” In the video his cats comes into frame, but he noticed that they were actually outside sitting at the window and staring at something quite fascinating in the kitchen. Luke soon discovered that the animal making all the noice in the kitchen was not one of his cats at all, but was actually an Australian possum who was in the process of stealing some of his bananas.

The possum was very startled by the sudden arrival of someone else and started running around the room, refusing to let go of the stolen banana. The possum did however circle back to where he left some of the other bananas he got a hold of, but made no moves to actually leave yet. 

The cats on the other had only sat quietly at the window staring at the possum and being entirely unhelpful. Luke also encouraged his two cats to protect their house but apparently cats don’t make great guard animals. The possum finally sprinted back towards the open window where he likely came in from and dove back outside. From start to finish, the cats were completely unbothered by the entire thing.

Watch the video on TikTok here:  https://www.tiktok.com/@theboizpnb/video/7023676975952841986?sender_device=pc&sender_web_id=7017723671428318722&is_from_webapp=v1&is_copy_url=0

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