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Date: 2018-06-03

Video: What Are The Odds Of That? 2

Video: What Are The Odds Of That? 3

Video: What Are The Odds Of That? 4

So when you're having a drink with your friends and you're messing around thinking of impossible situations that would probably only happen one-in-a-million times, imagining how happy you would be if it actually happened.

Well, these are the one-in-a-million situations and when they did actually happen, people couldn't believe their eyes. Neither did we to be honest...

The chances of actually catching a baseball at a game is pretty slim but what if it actually landed in your beer cup! And Jenga is a pretty intense game (especially when you're overly competitive) and towards the end, tensions run high, palms get sweaty and everyone is just doing their best to survive, and then someone comes along with an incredible amount of luck and ninja-like Jenga skills, flicking the single standing brick WITHOUT THE TOWER FALLING! This is the point where you just admit defeat.

Have you ever been the ninja on the other side of these incredible odds?

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