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The owner of the 11-year-old Siberian cat, named Tula, discovered her two-timing schemes when she returned home with a note around her neck.   

The smart Tula, who gets fed at her home, regularly heads down to the Toby Carvery in Swindon after her meal at home to pick up some of her favourite, a roast dinner that is given to her by staff and customers who easily become fond of the new local making her visits.

According to the two parties, her owner didn't know about Toby, and Toby didn't know about her owner, until Tula arrived back home one day where owner Nicole Clark found a paper collar around her neck.

As Nicole unraveled the note, it read; "Does this cat have a home?", and on the other side of the paper is said; "Always at Toby Carvery."


Nicole claimed that she couldn't stop laughing when she discovered the note.

After reading the note she headed straight to Toby to let them know that Tula wasn't homeless and that she was the owner of the hilarious scheming cat.

On arrival, Nicole was told that her beloved Tula had spent hours ever since lockdown lifted – meowing at staff and customers until someone eventually gave in and shared some of their roast.

Nicole shared the funny story and wrote; "I can imagine she's been trying for the sympathy vote in the hope of getting some meat! She has a lovely home and spends every night with us but thank you Toby customers/workers for looking out for her!"

Although this is not the first time that Tula tried to score some extra meals. She previously visited a local old people's home where residents gave her meat paste from their sandwiches.

People found the story hilarious and one resident commented on Nicole's page saying; "Omg that’s hilarious. I've got visions of her lining up ready for her Yorkshire and choice of meat."

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