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The only thing people love more than Hollywood celebrities are Hollywood celebrities who are children of other Hollywood celebrities.

Dakota Johnson has only recently been on everyone's radar, thanks to the 50 Shades blockbuster franchise, however, she does have famous parents. Her mother is Golden Globe-Winning actress Melanie Griffith and her dad is Don Johnson, who played the massive role in the 80's smash hit Miami Vice which also landed him a Golden Globe.

Then, there's 39-year-old Kate Hudson – who is also the star of Almost Famous, winning a Golden Globe for her lead role. Her mom is the famous actress, Goldie Hawn, and her stepdad is none other than Kurt Russell.

Jennifer Aniston – Younger generations may have no idea who Jennifer Aniston's father is, however, if you are a huge soap opera fan then you just may know who her dad is. John Aniston paved the way for his daughter's career, an actor himself, he's appeared on Days of Our Lives for literally decades, although this pays well its not necessarily good for worldwide fame. After ten years of being Rachel on F.R.I.E.N.D.S and a successful box-office career, Jennifer Aniston is without a doubt one of the most famous actresses in the world.

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