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Denver-based artist Arna Miller and her husband Ravi Zupa used their creativity and the topics alcohol and silly scenarios, which go hand in hand, to create adorable small matchbox art. 

To celebrate those relatable late-night hours, the couple started their matchbox art which However, rather than illustrate the embarrassing moments of inebriated humans, the duo chose anthropomorphic felines as their subjects. 

Their matchbox art series, titled Strike Your Fancy, display several tipsy and drunk cat characters each in a variety of comical circumstances. 

The couple are inspired by the early 20th-century illustrations found in books, on vintage packaging, and magic show posters, to design their art, but it is still  old matchbook art in particular that influences their collaborative work. 

“Before the ‘Strike Your Fancy’ series, we did a collaboration for one of my art shows and decided on matchboxes because they are so odd and magical. 

We made 40 designs around the theme of social justice using Jose Posada’s block prints as an inspiration for the style.”

The couple’s cute feline illustrations was inspired by Miller’s earlier work. She explained, “I made a poster of a cat with a beer for one of my shows, and later wanted to do a whole series of cats drinking. Ravi and I talked about it, and it turned into what you see.” 

Every 1.5 x 2.25 matchbox is made by hand in the couple’s home. They make use of the age-old woodblock printing technique to print their illustrations on the matchbooks.  “We can make everything ‘in-house’—from cutting and sanding the boards that we mount the art on to printing the packaging we use to ship it.”

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