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Isaac Jones was under the impression that his daughter was just recording a video of herself doing some arts and crafts. Instead the video was being recorded for the sole purpose of his daughter submitting it to her teacher as part of her art project.

Delaney is a Grade 1 pupil in Oregon, United States, and part of her online home schooling included submitting a video of herself doing an art project.

But dad Isaac had no idea and saw this as the perfect platform to show off his cheerleading skills. In the background Isaac can be seen dancing to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” with moves including twirls, claps and shrieks of delight.

Up until one particular shriek, Delaney was still calmly doing her project even though she noticed her dad in the background. Once the shriek could be heard, she simply says “That’s my Dad” as she carries on with her project.

It’s not long before Delaney’s younger brother is lifted up into the air by her Dad so that he could also be part of the performance. This prompts Delaney’s older brother to chime in as well. As the three of them enjoy their screen time, Delaney asks “What is wrong with this family?”.

Delaney, you are the true rock star in the family and we hope you got full marks for your project.

Watch the GMA video below to see Delaney’s dad and her two brothers dancing in the background.

Image credit: KOIN

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