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Laundry can be a laborious task, particularly when dealing with bed linens. On the other hand, your health may suffer if you don't routinely wash and replace your bed linens. So, how frequently should your sheets be changed? What might occur if you don't? In an attempt to resolve this dispute, a physician by the name of Jason Singh has provided an explanation of why this task is particularly crucial.

Singh claims that a study has indicated that you ought to wash your bed linens at least once every seven days. According to Dr Singh, "I know it seems like a lot of work, but trust me, it's worth it—unless you want to marinate in a gross-looking petri dish." He continues by explaining that dust mites are microscopic insects that reside in bedding and are fed on dead skin cells and body oils. "In people who are susceptible, dust mites and their waste can cause allergic reactions and asthma." 

It doesn't stop just there. “Fungal organisms are like yeast or mould that can also grow in your bed sheets, especially if they're damp from sweat,” Dr Singh explains. “This creates an environment that can lead to skin infections and smells that have you gagging like it's your first beer pong tournament. So toss those sheets in the wash once a week.”

Should it seem like too much work, you can always buy yourself a little extra time by keeping extra bed linens on hand to place on your mattress until the day you do your laundry. These Target alternatives are among the reasonably priced options available. Ultimately, you should avoid putting off the work for too long, especially if it will improve your health. 

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