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Animals have been human companions for many years now providing company and friendship. But we can’t help but notice some of the adorable bonds some of these animals forms with each other, whether its a cow and a chicken, or a dog and a cat. 

Cute animals have been filling the internet with joyful images and videos, and it seems that they are just getting much cuter. One of the latest amazing friendship bonds have been formed between Ingo the shepherd dog and his special little owl buddy named Poldi. 

These two heart-warming friends loves to pose for pictures and cozy up to each other. 

The Germany-based animal photographer and collage artist Tanja Brandt documented the two’s unlikely friendship in adorable heartwarming portraits that show the closeness of their bond. 

Whether the two best friends are taking a splash in the creek or enjoying the cozy evening together while cuddling beneath a warm blanket, their bond is unbreakable. It's clear how much they enjoy each other's company as they don’t spend a second apart.

The photographer's work proves that, no matter how different two creatures might be, there's still room for unexpected friendships in the animal kingdom.

Scroll down to see some more adorable photos of the two best friends.

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