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When you're a child, you don't realize how easy it is to make friends. Firstly, you're forced into a situation with kids your age at school that you're guaranteed to see every day – so you're bound to make a friend at some point. And if that doesn't work, you can basically stand in your yard and shout out to the neighbourhood kids and do it that way.

But once you've entered the real world as an adult, making friends becomes so much harder. 

Sure, you have your colleague friends, and maybe some couple friends. But we're talking about social friends. Those are hard to find.

Why else would they have online apps that have the sole purpose of finding friends? 

So, this couple goes a different way. The girl goes on Tinder, matches with a guy she thinks might be a cool friend, and then sets up a "date."

What he doesn't know is that her boyfriend is going to show up by her side – and it's all a devious plan to make friends!

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