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Sometimes, certain things are just socially unacceptable to say to someone if you are on an acquaintance basis with them, or even a friend basis, even though we probably should say something.

But, that is always the best friends job. It comes with the title, you tell your friend something even if they don't want to hear it. Whether it be "you actually do look fat in that" or, "you stink", it's just necessary. Best friends also get the privilege of letting you know when your partner isn't good enough. They can literally tell you straight and say, "Dump him/her".

I think this one might apply to girls only... the all–important screengrabs of conversations, followed by, "what should I reply with?". Our best friend will always have our best interest at heart so they will have the best advice.

Your BFF is the person you tell EVERYTHING and you can trust that they won't tell anyone else and that they will always be honest.

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