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Some of the most memorable commercials use pop culture and nostalgia to reach their customers. Because of this, companies tend to hire iconic actors and incorporate iconic moments into their campaigns. The Brazilian driving school has taken this topic to the next level and given a brilliant tribute to their latest marketing project. Autoescola Brazilse released a video that at first glance looks like footage from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas until it is realised that it is a completely original video that shows real people and uses graphics and sounds from a video game.

Created and edited by director Anderson Mascarenhas, this video captures the look and feel of GTA: San Andreas in minute detail. The way the camera moves behind the vehicles and  the scenes disappear is reminiscent of a 2004 video game. However, none of this would have been possible without  star, bodybuilder and cosplayer Matheus Senna. Not only has he recreated the looks and clothing of GTA: San Andreas protagonist CJ, but  almost 20 years ago he also mastered the clumsy and supernatural character moves in video games, from gravity-defying jumps to the way CJ unlocks a car door. 

The video resembles a driving school side mission in a video game. In this live-action version, CJ has to take  theory classes in class, which he doesn't like at all. Then he learns  to drive a motorcycle, a car, a bus and a branded trailer. A dialogue in Portuguese will indicate what needs to be done to get all the driver's licenses over the timer. The caption "Mission Accomplished" appears at the end to celebrate CJ's success.

This isn't the first GTA-inspired video Mascarenhas has starred in; He also did commercials for a dealership and a car dealership. He also  recreated the "Oh shit, here we go again!" meme by crashing into a wall, just like characters in old video games.

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