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You have probably watched the thriller shark movies like the Meg and an all time favourite, ’Jaws’. If you like watching those well then this viral video will knock your socks off. In all the movies it is usually the sharks attacking the humans, well in this case it is the sharks attacking each other.

In a video two uncontrollable great white sharks caught on camera burying their teeth into each other. The video has made its rounds on social media as shark watchers just can’t get enough. It is actually not a strange reaction from such predatory animals as they usually go at each other aggressively.   

This impressive video titled 'Cannibal Sharks’, was part of a 2019 National Geographic documentary, but it is believed that the video may have been taken some years before that.

Another sea life video has also gone viral after making its rounds on social media. The sea explorer named Steve Morris captured a life-changing experience on camera.

Morris was able to catch an unusual yet magnificent experience on video while diving in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand on 18 April, and exploring the sea below.

Morris caught the moment he came face-to-face with not one but two killer whales and has described it as the  "best day of my life.”

Morris said he spotted eight orcas and decided to take his camera out to capture the pod. But suddenly, one of them greeted him by swimming really close.

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