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Yes, we know you shouldn't laugh at other people misfortune but, sometimes it's impossible not to! Here are some fails for the win!

It could be something as simple as a dog peeing on its owner that will finally make you laugh so hard that your coffee will escape out of your nose. It's happened to all of us, be honest.

It's those moments when you're laughing uncontrollably and the tears are streaming down your face that we love so much. That's why people make these compilations. It's for the feeling of happiness and joy. Even if it means some random stranger has fallen off a horse.

Quite often, it comes as a surprise. Like when a freshly caught fish slaps the fisherman in the face. Other times, you can see it happening, and you know it'll end in tears. Just think of any time people decide to dance on a table...

So with that said, here are the top 100 best fails caught on camera by Newsflare on YouTube. It's a magical compilation filled with boats and humans, animals, bicycles, snow and a whole lot more!

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