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Great Big Story visited Terry "Turbo" Burroughs, the man who set the Guinness World Record for fastest window cleaner. Burroughs explained that he started his career as a window washer with his uncle. He realised there was a better way to clean windows and has been using that method ever since. 

With his personal washing method, Burroughs won local competitions before first setting the record in 1995 and then breaking his own record by 2009.

"When I first started out my uncle Alfie taught me how to use the squeegee an applicator and they would start wetting up with the right end with the applicator and then switch it over and squeezing it off and I thought why not just wet it up?"

"He started cleaning windows when he was just 21 and went on to set a Guinness World Record speed in 1995. Since then he’s gone on to break his own record a further 9 times."

Burroughs keeps  in shape by exercising daily with a window on his barn wall. He knows the neighbors might find that strange. 

“I got  a window and attached it to the back of the garden shed and practiced. The funny thing about all of this was that the neighbour was mowing the lawn and he looked at me and thought, 'why does he keep cleaning this window over and over again but the window doesn't go anywhere, it doesn't see anything. What does he do?"

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