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Learning a new language is no joke, but language barriers are often the reason for hilarious moments in TV, movies, and even in real life.

One word could mean something in one language, but in another language, it means something completely different.

Over the years, language centres have made some pretty awesome TV commercials, and we just can’t get enough of them.

When we say we can’t get enough of them, we’re speaking the absolute truth. We could watch language commercials all day long… if only there were enough of them to keep us busy for that long.

From innocent family fun, to seductive and mysterious – it’s as if language commercials just manage to cover all genres and hit the nail on its head.

Dalibor Truhlar is a YouTube user who seems to have the same love for language commercials that we do.

Watch the compilation below and don’t forget, when someone asks you for a Bud Light, simply answer "Don’t speak English"!

Image credit: Knudge

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