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Tech giant Google is currently working on a project called SkinMarks – a wearable tattoo that will transform you into a living touchpad through embedded sensors.

According to Business Standard, the sensor-driven tattoos are applied to a part of your body. The sensors can then be triggered by traditional touch or swipe gestures, similar to what we perform when using a smartphone.

Pocket-Lint reports that this technical wizardry is done using conductive ink and tattoo paper that is then thermal-cured and applied to the body. It’s currently being worked on by researchers at Saarland University in Germany with funding from Google.

"Through a vastly reduced tattoo thickness and increased stretchability, a SkinMark is sufficiently thin and flexible to conform to irregular geometry, like flexure lines and protruding bones," the researchers wrote.

Watch this LaterClips video below for more info on this technical wizardry.

Credit image: Dice Insights

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