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Date: 2018-11-28

People either do these fully conscious or barely conscious at all – I mean, the tattoos that people put on their body is completely their prerogative but, when it's somewhere on your body where anyone and everyone can see, it can become a bit controversial.

Tattoo artists from Inked have had their fair share of rude tattoos but none of them has agreed to ink something racist or discriminatory on another person, so that begs the question, what kind of tattoo artist would agree to ink someone with something that is clearly offensive? Clearly not an artist with a conscience.

The world dubbed the most controversial tattoo to belong to Chris Brown. On his neck, he has the face of a woman with the one side of her face seemingly beaten up and stitched together. The reason it's so controversial is because, back when he was dating Rihanna, she filed for a restraining order against Brown after she was photographed walking around with bruises and cuts all over her face, which he denied that he did.

I personally have seen more disturbing tattoo's which are way more controversial, however, let's see what the experts say...

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