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Tattoo artists are generally quite alternative and artistic, and usually covered in tattoos, which generally means they get labelled by strangers who treat them differently.

But it seems their clients are actually the ones who should be shamed!

After you watch this video, you will look at tattoo artists in a whole new light! These people have seen some things you thought you would only see in movies. I mean, sure, you have to be kinda crazy to go through three or more hour session of someone sticking needles into you but this should be turned into some sort of drama series!

From clients wanting to tattoo... weird places (including using their bits as Pinocchio's nose) to the SWAT team holding the whole shop hostage with gun rifles... we have a new found respect for these tattoo artists.

We always tend to ask doctors and paramedics about their crazy stories but it seems tattoo artists could top these stories any day!

Imagine having a client come into the room, pulling his pants down to expose his bare cheeks and proceed to request HUNDREDS of little flies tattooed on his ass to make it look as if they were swarming from his asshole. Or even more cringe-worthy, a girl’s name tattooed on his arm with a single line through it, and another girl’s name right beneath it.

Prepare yourselves for tattoo artists craziest client stories!

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